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Senlin Nature Museum


Huixin Zheng 

Art director

Scott Laserow



Senlin Nature museum is a virtual nature plant museum where visitors can see different species of plants from different regions throughout the year and information about them.

Project Overview

Because I am obsessed with museums of all kinds, I am spending my last semester at a virtual nature museum called Senlin, which means forest in Chinese, and I want to use this word to describe the museum as a forest of different kinds of plants. The Senlin Nature Museum is a botanical museum for the public, and people can enter the museum at any time of the year to see plants from all over the world.

My Contributions

Since this is a program that is intended for use by everyone, my first step was to analyze the flow of the application and determine the overall style that would make the software more attractive. From there, my job was to simplify the process as much as possible, making it intuitive for the user while improving the visual appeal of the entire application. The most important part of the project was the navigation system and the presentation of information about the different pavilions to ensure a smooth experience for the user.

User Flow

In the first step we first want to confirm what the person using the program desires most, and that is in quickly locate the location of the museum they are in and get information about the pavilion and the exhibited plants. So I added a navigation system with recommended features and a neat application for surrounding pavilions as well as public facilities.

Preference Testing

To determine which color to use for the design, I tested the preferences of my classmates and teachers as well as my friends of different ages. The two options were brighter and darker tones, with the darker tones ultimately being preferred by more people.

Designing the Onboarding

To help users navigate the museum more easily, I have designed two systems in the device.


Final UI



Detail of Tickets



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