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Extinct Animal Stamps


Huixin Zheng

Art director

Monica Brodovsky



This is a group of stamps of animals that are extinct on the earth, hoping to appeal to everyone to protect the natural environment together.

This group of stamps I designed is based on animals that have become genocidal for various reasons due to human activities. They come from different parts of the world, they are different types of animals, but they can only exist in history. Later people may not have the opportunity to see them at all, and some animals may be lucky enough to have left behind specimens, photos and videos for future generations to study and research. But there is no way to stop us from recognizing the fact that they are all extinct. The stamps have the names of the animals and their scientific names, and some people may not have heard that there was once such an animal in the world. But I hope that when people see this stamp collection of extinct animals, they will pay attention to this fact and protect the animals that are being threatened.

Sketches for Stamps

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